Tomm. Terry. Tanya. – INTRO

As strangers they meet, again…

Hey, my name is Terry. I’m the saint who walks through, noticing the fools around him, only to learn and tell stories out of them.

‘The world is full of muffled stories, all those believed to be true and all those to be false.’

In a world of tall tales, I have a friend called Tomm. Now he does the same day stuff and has a decent education. But here’s the catch he has seen a lot and aspires for much more than his present. Nothing wrong in dreaming, right? Each day passes in an ambitious rumble with the morning and night trying to fix things right in the head as well as the surroundings. The heaps of things that pile up around up, he just can’t seem to fix this space. Tomm is a smooth man, but when it comes to being welcomed by his fellows, he isn’t that outward about things. He belongs to those who while away their time and now that his life is calling him towards a lot of stuff that needs to be done, he has figured keeping some distance would be a better idea.

Speaking of ideas, Tomm’s someone who has crazy ideas, and those that are pretty overboard many a times. He’s always enthusiastic and he would sit down on something that he would like, being easily convinced that the idea will work out and he will make it happen regardless of the stupidities that might occur in the process.

And then, there’s Tanya. The one who sees things with a different perspective and ideas are just her thing. A girl going woman, she would rather bank on the now, and then, rather than being lost in the unscrupulous mess of thoughts that would ambush in one’s mind while executing these ideas. Headstrong, but yes, tender around all those edgy statements that she’d make. The daily bustle had just got in her life, as she was stepping out for some real thing. Independence is her thing, which is sort of difficult to get these days in the modern world.


With the thought of independence, one afternoon while walking down the lane, Tanya sees this young boy, pale in his looks, but feels a certain whiff in the air when she sees him. That very moment, Tomm froze in his seat at the café where he’d usually come down to read or write a few pages, smoke his cigarettes with some coffee.

Now, I’d better take a stroll someplace else, and you can find out more about what happened between Tomm and Tanya.


Tomm nearly burnt his nose while lighting his cigarette, he just couldn’t get enough of the gaze from Tanya. He took control and immediately steadied himself. Tanya gave a faint smile, and tried to resist the overwhelming look on her face hurrying down the lane as quickly as she could. Tomm, lost in his bewilderment said to himself, ‘Man, don’t I need to write about her!’

That evening he published a short poem which went something like this –


‘The cushions of each other’s misery they’d be,

To bestow love in the warmest of fashions,

How they’d laugh, sing and play, but never in dismay,

Though the hills are high and the mountains higher,

The trust is deep like them oceans,

Their love flows like rivers, sometimes creating misty waterfalls.’


Oh, well I’m back, I’ll be heading off for a bit, but remember well, I’d be back with more about our love-birds or partners in crime, you’ll find out. Until then, peace be upon us all.


Does that ring a bell? Well, nevermind.

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