Colors Of Adulthood

‘Adults Are Deteriorated Children’
– Robin Sharma, The 5 AM Club.

Does this quote ring a bell in your head? Does it take you to a place where you feel. Oh my God! It is so very true! It is indeed. The whole race towards some unknown fascination has led the human race to a rather morbid place. This place is with almost no or distorted vision about the present. If you’re an adult, did you ever wonder ‘Why am I this way?’ Have you taken a moment in the past week to ponder over what has been going on in your life? Or have you just been sailing the wind and going to places which you’ve been automatically driven to?

If the answer to the previous question is a yes, then you ought to think beyond your past week and go back all the way to your childhood. It’s been years, months and days that you haven’t been chuckling over thoughts that were vibrant. Is it because there exists a fear of being judged? Or you just don’t like being eccentric in your own ways? Has the daily commotion taken away your only motive as a human being?

Children are happy and extremely expressive of themselves. Even if they are upset, they make it a point to let you know regardless of their incapability of using words to describe it. Adults on the other hand are the ones who are capable of a lot more. They can articulate well and also have a higher benefit when it comes to problem solving. Their innate nature as a human being will never die, but after the years of daily abuse that they call the struggle, it’s now a habit to keep and to conceal most of their emotions. The so-called emotional stigma is so overpowering that it takes away the smiles from their daily routines. Not all of them are this way, but there are many who need help.

Find your inner child, be as expressive as you were back then. Take note of your happiness and try to smile. It will empower you and support your present. Don’t worry if you have to say, ‘I don’t like this’ OR ‘I disagree.’ It is all a part of being yourself and taking a firm stand. Make your own decisions as you will not regret them unlike those taken via someone else’s advise or influence.

According to the World Health Organisation’s 2017 report ‘300 million people around the world have depression.’ These statistics are not to overwhelm you, and neither put you in thought about depression at all. The point is, if you take out some time, sit back and relax, enjoy yourself for a moment by taking note of your present, grasping all that you can of your true self. It’s not that difficult after all. Take my word for it.

‘Smile for a while and you will see the change inside of you.’

It not only does help you if you smile, but also creates happiness amongst the people around you. It is of the utmost importance that we smile in the midst of all these shattering media bulletins and wayward movies that are fed to us by the modern media. Also, the way we are running towards something that we don’t even know how far we’ve come. Take a rest, take this time to notice your progress and chart the way ahead.

This will be a series of posts which will entail some interesting things to look upon over the fact of life as adults. Stay tuned for the next one.

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