Colors of Adulthood – 2

‘People never grow up, they just learn how to act in public.’
Bryan White


It’s a mild summer morning, and you see the sun, rise to its fullest. It’s been a while that you’ve been painting colors of adulthood, now. Have you been wondering where you’ve been lately? You’re through your teenage now and adult life is taking you places, ain’t it? All the work, the run for the money, children greeting you – ‘Hello Aunty,’ ‘Hello Uncle,’. How’s your life been in the phony outlook of life called society?

I’m sure there have been many times that you wished you’d be young again. All the ladies you’d know who are a bit over their 30’s feel they’re losing their glow already, men over 30’s think their beard’s going white and their hair going to wither away as soon as next morning. It just gets weird or worse after they cross 50. Have you ever wondered why so much of inhibition? Is there any mandatory response booklet that has been issued to you once you were crossing the 20’s?

I’m sure if you got any such booklet it must’ve read, ‘The do’s and don’ts of the rest of your life.’ Or better so, ‘Your freedom of thought has been seized.’ PS: It was never yours. Funny, ain’t it?

But on a lighter note, who doesn’t wish to watch those Disney classics all day, and chuckle to the silliest cat mouse show on the Telly? Have the age-old chocolate drink that you were presented with almost every morning in a privileged household, all as a result of successful advertising? Oh boy, didn’t it sink into your soul after a while? But then you have to take the green ticket, obviously ‘coz no one can stop nature, you will age and you will have to go through each moment regardless. If you choose to be that problematic ruckus to the audience in society, you haven’t learned your lessons they’d say. Why do they have these schools and other places? To check if their social software is running well, and if you don’t do well, they’re well aware they need to take action.

A person doesn’t grow by their own will. You can’t get older at will or younger at will. But neither does he evolve at will. You learn how to be after watching another take a better shot at it. This whole comparative licensing of talent and ambitions in the world has gotten many brilliant ones to take the markdown.

Nevertheless, many are resilient souls that never wish to give up. If you stay put to yourself, you won’t have one single moment where you’d have to question, ‘Am I really going the right direction?’ Or ‘Will I ever reach the end?’

Know your why. If you know your why, you know a lot of facets around you. You won’t have to answer the useless babble that occurs in your own doubtful head, and neither will you have to pay any attention to the other person’s opinion. We realize, that all this social anxiety is created in the world with some good time and the advent of Social media has led things out of proportion.

But none the less, there are plus points of it too. It’s your call if you choose to summon yourself to the right place or drift away, with something that isn’t you.

Well, if that’s not enough to ponder over, here’s something

You will never win anyone through pity. You must create the right kind of dream, the sober, adult kind of magic: illusion born from disillusion.”

  • Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath

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