Another morning ride,
Cold chills my bones,
Doesn’t really make a difference to me,
Can hardly breathe through my nose,
Almost habitual to it,
Layers of clothes fail to warm me,
I still miss you dearly,
You were the flame,
That gave me warmth,
Warmed my weary soul,
Sparked a love in me,
I never knew I had,
Now it’s different,
Since you took off,
Doesn’t matter if I stand on fire,
I will still feel cold,
My heart grows colder each day,
Slowly fading, numbing,
From the stabs of undying love,
I miss your warmth,
I miss your soul,
My only ray of hope…

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  1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything

  2. Ravindranath says:

    Quite good. Keep writing!

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