Wait for me, would you?
On the grounds where we kissed under the sky so blue,
The same one where the stars smiled upon our kiss,
Would you wait because you, I truly do miss,
Wait for me in front of the sea, take a stand,
In front of the waves crashing onto the sand;

I’ll come crashing back one day,
I just hope you’re there waiting with the right words to say,
Will you wait for me when you come home at the end of the day?
Would you miss me right then and still feel too far away?
Will you wait for me before pouring yourself another glass?
I know to wait, is a lot to ask but I’ll still wanna ask;

So don’t hurry off without me, please?
Wait for that one night where I get on one knee for you with ease,
I’ll wait for you, in coffee shops that play your favorite songs,
It might sound stupid but this is what my heart wants,
I’ll wait for you till we no longer miss each other;

Time - Wait - Local Social Drama - Ishan Reddy - Poetry


‘Cause then I’ll have you next to me with kisses to smother,
I’ll wait till I can find you, or hopefully till you find me,
For now all I’ll do is keep aside my love and from a distance try to see,
I’ll wait for the right days where you smile again at my stupid jokes,
Wait till the night leads to our endless walks;

Hand in hand with slow strokes,
So wait for me, would you?
I still tear up whenever I hear your name as I remember our adieu,
So wait for me until I’m there forever,
Until we no longer have to wait for ‘us’ to ever be over…

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