She stared at him from a distance as if their souls had a calling,
Yet he felt everything he admired about her had now fallen,
She wasn’t his anymore to share another “love and be loved”,
It didn’t hurt a bit to know that he had finally been unloved;

The unloved ones aren’t exactly trying to complain,
But the void left by this unfelt love became too hard for him to refrain,
And how in trying to recover from his memory’s escapades smile at him,
To remind him of all the love there was or it was all a stupid whim;

He sensed the despair as she walked towards him like time had been slowed,
Her face just as beautiful, but her heart carved out like it was abhorred,
He’d been oblivious to life as for the real world,
Maybe he held more love in his soul than it can possibly be hurled;

Degradingly he liked being unloved, he even thought of it as a granted boon,
Yet he was the only one to blame when she sat alone under the full moon,
“You weren’t there for me”. He wasn’t there for her,
“You deserve more”, if only he could have believed it as it were;

She cursed his impugning childishness for this separation,
I guess he did deserve all of her desecrations,
But he’ll never unlove her if that’s what everyone is wondering about,
His love couldn’t be reversed just so hatred could finally act out;

No amount of love could anymore make him feel,
Her absent unloving had now forcefully made him kneel,
She stood in front of him as if there was a magical story too good to be true,
All she said to him staring down his eyes was, “Who are you?”

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    I’m grateful for having you as a friend!

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