Seasons are few, but they come and go,

Friends are many, but they come and they go,

The more the merry we say,

But have you wondered where would they be on your down day?


Soaring high, the crows mock the eagle, scavenging on its prey,

What are the many worth for?

All the many moments that we shower love upon,

It is indeed amusing when people tell you stories,

From their heart and without a thought,


Tricky it is when the mind takes control,

Dominates your true existence and pulls over a cloak,

A cloak that is a thin veil of dark, which is tough enough to muffle true light,

Loved ones when they say goodbye,


You’d question, did they ever mean it?

Don’t be troubled my friend, it’s just the life,

Like all seasons of nature, they come and they go,

be it death or a different path,

We’re all here, meant to be, together at last…

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  1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything

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