Oh, how you swing,

Amidst the wind,

The curtains are swaying,

I’m always praying,


The light is here to greet you,

Within the confines of your house and your truth,

You are within going outward,

Reaching closer to anew,


Young and old come closer,

You know what reality construes,

Breathing a life full of fulfillment and quality,

It’s the metamorphosis you’ve caught into,


Like butterflies were once caterpillars,

You’re shedding the coats of mediocrity,

Knowing your worth,

Kindness upping you,


The creases under the stones are clear,

Your moments to come clean are here,

The wired-ness inside is slightly coming loose,

For you to freely define and choose,


It’s beautiful when the moment comes and touches you,

Inside calm and still moved are you,

All these waves of emotion love you back,

Giving infinite reasons to give back,


Be wary of your control for you shall command,

The love should be prior to all demand,

Live a life of true buoyance and you shall see,

All the fruits hang low for you,


Determination is the key,

Oh well, and the key is to be,

Persistent to thy belief,

Well, metamorphosis is yours to see and believe…


Swoon and swivel around yourself,

Day in and day out,

It’s a lovely day and you will float,

Realizing a moment of supreme,


You shall arise to brightness,

From the light within,

You’d been seeking what you’ve now found,

You’ve been blessed like all are…


Make good deeds out of the juice,

Shall you be the best and produce,

Love inwards and so outwards,

The life you are will always deduce,


The lovely day is here,

Packaged and defined to the way you muse,

Hey, are you ready?

You’ve grown to new,


The transformations are yours now,

The days unfathomed are now gone,

You are vivid as sunrise and the sky is as bright as day,

The ray of mercury is yours to cover a distance out and right,


The curiosity shall arise and you shall answer all that comes to your mind,

Ah, the contrast is so beautiful and the cover comfortable,

Coming to the faith you release a wave of love and light.

Metamorphose – Transform – Evolve for the greater good.

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