It’s A Mess

A mess,
My room,
Just like me,
Like the world;

It’s filled with things,
That you call worthless,
With dirty, worn-out stuff;

That weathered golf ball,
My best friend’s first gift;
Or that forgotten letter from my ex;

That broken pink watch,
My mom gave to me,
And probably the last from her;

A lost pair of earing,
Of my first Valentine’s date,
A few torn bits of paper,
Of the letter, I wrote before running away years ago,
And returning back home on the same night;

Reminders of my sins,
Reminders of gleeful moments,
That gave me wings;

The mess around me;
These ‘worthless’ pieces,
Is what I cherish,
Mess and memories together,
I can’t throw memories in trash…


We’re covering some of our favourite poets on account of the upcoming ‘World Poetry Day 2020’

Stay tuned and watch this space!

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