Long-Forgotten Alley

Away from all the noise of traffic,
An alley behind the bustling streets,
We walk hand in hand like lovers,
A quiet and peaceful neighborhood surrounds us…

Stepping on wet leaves on the road,
Scent of flowers and morning dew,
Fresh with the morning breeze,
Mixed with strange yet familiar scent of the trees…

Branches and leaves of the tall trees form,
A magnificent tunnel only pierced by sunlight,
A Strange effect this beautiful sight has,
Instilling confidence and calmness on me…

The road is wet from last night’s rain,
Pleasant coolness is in the air.
I love how the sunlight plays with your hair,
How radiant your skin glows today.

My nerves were shot
When I held your hand for the first time
Quite unsure of how you would react
And how I forgot it all when I saw you smile.

This street, these trees
In an alley long forgotten by the world
Etched a memory so deep in me
So serene, so beautiful, like you and me…

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