Covered In Foil

Identities on sale,

Remember the rate,

Every deal you purchased,

A dream traded in return,

Life is short or long,

Is only understood if you live every day,

All the troubles or joy, be felt complete,

If your days are yours and not obsolete,

Complete the mania, disrupt the ease,

If you have nothing to lose only achieve,

If at all fear steps in, you’ll be covered in foil,

Covered in six feet of soil, without knowing,

The six feet would be your dead dreams,

Stale to be found, still adding you some more ground,

Have you ever wondered, ‘Oh, what’ve I found?’,

Plundering over realities of your own, profound,

Does your mind recall the vagaries of the past?

Remind yourself that they’ve gone,

What is to be, is you right now,

Ones that will come to you tomorrow,

The lessons, the joy, the smiles, and maybe a cry,

All are waiting for you, waiting to be found,

Covered in foil,

Go ahead uncover the foil,

Discover yourself,

For we are nothing but beings waiting,

Covered In foil…

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