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Local Social Drama - Poetry - Mustafa - A Word Of Advice

A Word Of Advice

A word of Advice

Its two-past midnight,
I still keep wondering about you,
How have you been?
Where have you been?

But I can’t keep holding on,
Your silence breaking my resolution,
I can’t let myself fall again,
I can’t be left alone, once again…

To fight for you and I,
To make you realize,
Your worth every moment of my time,
As if loving you is a hefty crime…

But I can’t buy more time,
Like I buy packs of cigarettes,
And bottles of dark rum,
Some more time with you…

I want to hold you once more,
Kiss you once more,
Make love to you one last time,
Drown in your scent another time…

Inevitable we were,
We both knew,
But time would be so cruel,
Who could have known?

I had a life before,
Friends and family took up my time,
In turn, I listened to every word said,
And every word unsaid…

Rejoiced in their company,
Till I met you finally,
Changed my life completely,
One meet and I dived deep…

Into depths unknown of love,
Uncharted territory for me,
Knew all along I had to let you go someday,
Never knew it would be yesterday…

Pain throbs deep in my chest,
Ever so gently to let me know,
The gaping wide hole in my heart,
Part of me that broke apart…

Those of you still left whole,
Who can read these ramble from an old fool,
A piece of advice for your tender hearts,
Don’t go nose-diving into the dark side of love…

Local Social Drama - Poetry - Middle - Simran Khurana
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