9:4 (Nine Four)

9:4 (Nine Four)

Silence takes up under the tumultuous sights,

Taking love and beloveds to the grave,

Each moment a rave under your treacherous blade,

Every second takes a toll around the cage;


9:4 on the panel, sudden rumbles begin,

How did you spoon your last breath into your nostrils?

The knocking absurd, but close and real,

Thunder comes a calling, all to your squeal!


The monster’s here, he’s moaning, and screaming,

You’re dreaming, oh wait, you’re waning,

Inside the girdle of your own mass,

Would you rather awake or let it pass?


Ruthless spirals inside out,

Leave you without doubt,

Now you know what’s it all about,

The route to elation is nothing but a bout;


Let’s move you think to yourself,

Let’s remove our veil and move!

It’s 9:4 already, you gotta improve,

Cold, bruised, your mind’s in runes;


Fatal is 9:4,

The wounded and broken score,

React and cleanse to emerge,

A victory is what’s ours to troll;


9:4 it’s ringing now,

The clock is running,

Even seconds pass faster,

It’s gonna blow;


This time it’s nothing you can do,

9:4 don’t give you a chance to prove,

All you can do is speed,

Remember, let aside greed;


You’ll groove, you’ll speed,

All your opinions agreed,

When the time comes though,

It’s gonna be 9:4…

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