Ever wondered how we treat our shoes, and how they are attached to us in a beautiful way? Here, we speak about sneakers and how one might treat them.

Colors Of Adulthood 3

We’ve been told to build mental safehouses, or is it just us, who keep looking for our primal instincts – Safety? Sift through your Colors Of Adulthood.

Shrivelling Li(v)es

Shrivelling Li(v)es is what we live every day with humans turning into monsters and still walking togehter. Think though, do you want Shrivelling Li(v)es?

Colors of Adulthood – 2

There are many questions and plenty of answers to each one. Colors Of Adulthood show you different aspects of life. Ever tried looking into yourself or around?

True Heart

Every time we walk through this earth, we look for something… But we forget that what we are looking for is already with us, within, true heart. Namaste.

Colors Of Adulthood

Find your inner child, be as expressive as you were back then. Set a youthful example for the youth.


‘A man with a bag of wet clothes will drag more weight and pick up more odor.’ Why do you wish to carry more baggage, when you could live freely without being weighed down?