Journey To Splendour

The journey to splendour has ambitious pathways. Ariel sounded dejected and afraid when she had started on the way of her voice. Her schooling was done, and her college seemed never-ending, moreover, the dreams in her head haunted her every night. It began to dawn onto her that if she doesn’t take the call immediately…

In The Wake Of The Lake

The summer morning crept in slowly. Martin didn’t feel any different though, but he felt a strange sense of calamity. He warded off this feeling and said to himself, ‘I will be conquering the lake in the woods today!’


‘A man with a bag of wet clothes will drag more weight and pick up more odor.’ Why do you wish to carry more baggage, when you could live freely without being weighed down?

Purple Fumes.

What did she do? The Purple Fumes rose and took away a lot of dreams and possibilities… Or maybe Purple Fumes give rise to the Pheonix?