Ever wondered how we treat our shoes, and how they are attached to us in a beautiful way? Here, we speak about sneakers and how one might treat them.


Every time you remind me, I realize that I’m no zany substitute to you. If I kill myself betime, I’ll make sure I’m no substitute.

Nicotine Smoothies

In the making of a Nicotine Smoothie! Nothing fancy or boogie… Just slices of you and me, and a pack of smokes. We’ve all got our vices, don’t we?

A letter to the World

The world is being tarnished by us humans, and we humans try to better it at the same time. Let’s create a loving community around us. Dear World, are you listening?

Dear Society

What more would one ask for, but be self-reliant? To create for self and everything else would follow… Dear Society, we seek your answers, Dear Society?

Paradoxical Sin

The life that describes itself blissful has seen death and worse, and troubles that seem tough, have to be equated with the easy, such is paradoxical sin.