Fleeting Memories

In a world full of images and word-dictionaries, my emotions lay between fleeting memories. I wonder and plunder, while I still wander in fleeting memories.

One Day

One Day, even if the world ceases to be, my soul shall yearn for you… A living legend in itself our story shall live though, each day…

Nicotine Smoothies

In the making of a Nicotine Smoothie! Nothing fancy or boogie… Just slices of you and me, and a pack of smokes. We’ve all got our vices, don’t we?


We’ve all been in love with some person that made us wait and we made them wait for more… Here’s a poetic confession of waiting…


Being loved is a gift we receive from the universe. Many times we look to be loved but feel unloved. Feel moved and move others too, blessed from within.


Ever been up somewhere in the middle, wondering, pondering and bleeding some poetry? Waiting for it to go out of your soul through the ink out to the world?


By your true warmth, I survive, searching my own I cry… Trying to suppress the inner feelings, looking for warmth in you.