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When we speak about baggage in terms of a clogged trail of experiences we end up being clogged. Instead, one should focus on how to learn out of these and cherish those, good or bad.

‘A man with a bag of wet clothes will drag more weight and pick up more odor.’

Even though a few learn to ignore or set aside the thought that they have for these experiences all bundled together, one cannot really ignore them. It’s always there, unseen baggage that only they know exists. This does not cause anyone else any harm neither does it be interesting to them, but it does have its effects.  The effects may be both progressive and detrimental, it’s your decision what they become. To decipher what you have, or what you own as a person is very simple, very easy indeed. You just need to open your heart and mind to look into it…

Nah, not really, you think you can really see what’s inside you? Inside is a ton of experiences that you’ve been recording and learning out of ever since birth. It is these that have made you, but maybe you might seem different if you chose to know yourself and mould your character accordingly.

The things you carry around in your heads and hearts are those that I’m talking about – ‘Baggage’. The excess that we may just end up locking into a cage labeled – ‘NO USE’. But human nature will always take you back there, never can you erase your memory, can you? It is better to learn from those things that are now rendered useless. To see if anything applies anywhere in the current context and if it doesn’t you’ll be better at letting it go.

We can be the porters of our mess, or we can choose to be the grand chariots of folks who take their life unto eternity. Mind you, we are obviously pulling the course of this chariot, we direct our desires and source them into our lives. The quicker we drop some old baggage, we will be able to proceed to the next destination.

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