Local Social Drama 1111 Playlist - EDM - Curated by Susann Anthony

11.11 Playlist – Top 11 EDM songs

WE’re here with our 11.11 playlists – with our favourite EDM tracks that will rock your ‘11.11’ playlist – Don’t just dance but feel EDM with these 11 songs which break the mould!

Oh yeah, you’re talking about that music which the DJ plays during the starters before the actual music plays right ?. EDM is often misunderstood for being LOUD REPETITIVE NOISES, but what if I told you, there are tracks which you can meditate to, have as your alarm and enjoy, May I introduce you to these eleven songs which are breaking the stereotypes of EDM and putting the Indian EDM scene on the world map.

1. Bombay Dreams by Lost stories and KSHMR ft. Kavita Seth (2019)

Local Social Drama - Bombay Dreams by Lost Stories & KSHMR feat. Kavita Seth

People would normally consider Sufi vocals as the opposite of EDM but DJ duo Lost stories, KSHMR and Kavita Seth are here to prove us wrong with ‘Bombay Dreams’. The song has a mix of various forms of EDM with Sufi vocals. Giving the feels of sufi with bomb beats.

The video has a sweet and beautiful message about how we should write our own destiny, and not hesitate to break the rules once in a while, which clearly reflects in the song and video.

KSHMR & Lost Stories – Bombay Dreams [feat. Kavita Seth] (Official Music Video)

2. Power by KSHMR AND Hardwell. (2017)

Local Social Drama - 1111 Playlist - EDM - Hardwell & KSHMR -POWER - 2017

Why break the ice when you can crush it with Power ? (The track is way better than this wordplay). Power is a powerful track by Hardwell and KSHMR with vocals by Haris. This song is perfect to workout, run or get your house chores done faster to.

In an e-mailed statement, Hardwell stated how the track was produced on Skype, over a period of a ‘few long months’ time, and the hard work really shows in this track. 

Hardwell & KSHMR – Power (Official Lyric Video)

3. Never let you go by Zaeden ft. Nina & Malika. (2016)

Local Social Drama 1111 Playlist - EDM - ZaedenXNina&Malika- Never Let You Go

Imagine that right now you are taken back to your college fest or a music festival; get that rush of nostalgia and adrenaline when listening to ‘Never let you go’ by  Zaeden featuring DJ duo Nina and Malika. The tracks tropical vibe ensure a blissful three minutes. 

Enjoy this song with friends on a road trip (It can also be from your workplace to your house) or just dance to it alone in lockdown to relive some happy moments.

Zaeden X Nina & Malika- Never Let You Go (Official Music Video)

4. Roshni by Sickflip Ft. Seedhe Maut and Ritviz (2020)

Local Social Drama 1111 Playlist - EDM - Roshni by Sickflip Ft. Seedhe Maut and Ritviz

We’ve all felt some melancholy in this lockdown and Roshini, a song by Sickflip featuring Ritviz (udd gaye wala) and hip-hop/rap duo Seedhe Maut, capture it beautifully.The song and video is about the universal feeling of loss and despair, coping with the stages of grief, and coming to terms with it. 

The video has been shot beautifully, as the track goes through its melodic classical vocals ups and downs, the lighting and colours as well compliment it nicely. This track is one to take you on a ride of emotions.

SickFlip & Ritviz feat. Seedhe Maut (Official Music Video)

5. Aaja by Nucleya Ft. Avneet Khurmi & Guri Gangsta (2016)

Local Social Drama 1111 Playlist - EDM - Aaja by Nucleya Ft. Avneet Khurmi

Being ghosted is quite a bummer, but with just the right beats it’s a party, presenting the Aryabhatta of EDM in India with ‘Aaja’, a track by Nucleya with vocals and lyrics by Avneet Khurmi. This song is about a person who is pleading with their lover to come back to them. Is it even a party if this track or any of Nucleya’s songs isn’t played? 

Nucleya’s music mainly includes a lot of Indian percussion instruments at its centre, but this track is very much different as at its core is the guitar. Avneet  Khurmi was pursuing her MBA in France when this song was released. 

Nucleya – BASS Rani – Aaja feat Avneet Khurmi & Guri Gangsta

6.Eleven Eleven by Sandunes and Landslands (2019)

Local Social Drama 1111 Playlist - EDM - Eleven Eleven by Sandunes and Landslands

Ever meditated to EDM? If not, may I bring to your notice 11:11 a song produced and written by Sand Dunes (Sanaya Ardeshir)  with vocals by Landsland. She describes the final piece as “halfway between an organic world and a synthesized world”. She titled the song based on the feeling of familiarity on glancing at the clock to see the time read “11:11”. 

You might be out for an evening walk in the cold, or just sitting and contemplating on your whole day, This song just sets the mood right. This song is underrated in its full sense.

Eleven Eleven

7. Sage by Ritviz  (2017)

Local Social Drama - 1111 Playlist - EDM - Sage by Ritviz

Classical music and EDM are so oppositely similar like it’s enjoyable for non-musicians only for the first five minutes, then it’s just repetitive. Well, fear not because Ritviz is here with Sage. Known for his cocktails of Classical and EDM, this song is about being lost and finding solace and comfort.

You can literally make those boring walks to the bus stop, grocery store or house chores a party. The best part, it is enjoyable both at a party or when you are alone at home.

Ritviz – Sage (Official Video)

8. Mai Ni Meriye by Lost stories, Jonita Gandhi and Ashwin Adwani.

Local Social Drama - 1111 Playlist - EDM - Mai Ni Meriye by Lost Stories - Jonita Gandhi and Ashwin Adwani

Folk songs played in any era are always bound to be evergreen, but bringing them back in the current age and time is something which only a few are able to do, and Lost stories along with Jonita Gandhi and Ashwin Adwani hit it out of the park with Mai ni meriye, a folk song from Himachal, which is a lover telling his/her mother the pain of separation.

This song is just like honey to the ears, it is like adding Gulab Jamun to a Vanilla ice cream (also suggested to try ), this song is a complete mood changer and makes anything you’re doing, even sitting a hundred times better.

Lost Stories – Mai Ni Meriye (feat. Jonita Gandhi & Ashwin Adwani) [Official Visualizer]

9. Dillagi by MojoJojo

What is the similarity between Qawwali, Rajasthani music and EDM? Dillagi, MojoJojo’s (Akshay Johar)  fun cocktail of Qawwali, Rajasthani music and EDM which is just OP in its full sense.

The fun lyrics are taken from Nusrat Fateh Ali’s Qawwali, Koi Hassey toh Tujhe Gham Lage, and it has been blended with Rajasthani folk music and elevated to bring it in this time and age with EDM.

To be honest, this song is highly addictive in nature and reactions to this may include immense joy and urge to dance crazy. Dance your way doing the dishes, or just sing this to that annoying crush of yours. 

Dillagi by MojoJojo

10. Noor by Lost stories, Akanksha Bhandari and Zaeden.

Local Social Drama 1111 Playlist - EDM - Noor by Lost Stories Akansha Bhandari and Zaeden - International

Noor by Lost stories along with vocals by Akanksha Bhandari and Zaeden is a very refreshing, chill and cute song. With Punjabi- Hindi lyrics, a hint of classical vocal and a piece of constant and not overpowering music, this song is very refreshing. This song is like a glass of cold water or a cool breeze on a very hot summer day.

This track is the perfect jumpstart to your mornings, or even evenings (thanks to the lockdown) Sing your heart out or just shimmy your lockdown blues away with this cute track.

Lost Stories – Noor (feat. Akanksha Bhandari & Zaeden)

11. Sapne by MojoJojo and Tyesha Kohli

Local Social Drama 1111 Playlist - EDM - Sapne by MojoJojo and Tyesha Kohli

Presenting to you the unofficial official song for the youth, with beautiful semiclassical vocals by Tyesha Kohli and EDM music which is mixed with the tunes of a flute in a very unusually delightful way. The lyrics very beautifully capture the storm of emotions and thoughts of youth, the video also touches on the topic of Bullying.

This has a very beautiful feel to it and is enjoyable at almost any time of the day. Listen to this song and feel the rush of emotions and memories, this song is very highly relatable to almost everyone because all of us have felt those emotions at some point in our lives.

MojoJojo – Sapne (feat Tyesha Kohli) | Official Music Video

These songs are bringing a new wave of EDM in India. These songs have the ability to make you dance, both physically and emotionally (dramatic sounds intensify)

So get your party or chill session started with our ‘1111 EDM playlist

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