Teacher - Local Social Drama - Poetry - Meetvan Thaker


The teacher has taught us,
Our life has got us to crossroads,
Every time we made a mistake,
Our values have come caught us,

Every lesson, gone unlearnt,
Comes back again another day,
Same lesson, different fashions,
Why would we trigger lifeless rationals?

Every thought has the power to speak,
If only we listen carefully,
A habit that is gainful to all,
But winners do fall,

We heard our teacher scream and be mean,
What if that was a lesson too?
To act exactly the inverse and be good,
Many facets they have shown us all,

Every breath a silent call,
Light pouring all around,
If only you’d let it in,
Shine on you shall,

Be proud of yourself today,
Thankful to them,
Greet your teacher with love today,
To grace and glory that you both share…


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