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Fleeting Memories

Fleeting Memories

I stood by the window pane, watching flights taking off from the runway,
I was in a place where my memories still held a part of me someway,
I looked behind my shoulders for one last peek,
Saw the trunkload of memories piled up with a special few playing hide and seek;

I smile, and my eyes tear up, seeing how far they’ve come,
I’m leaving it behind, still remembering where it all started from,
Worried about leaving all this behind, excited for a newer future-forward,
Remembering all the opportunities I let pass by just because I was a coward;

Leaving behind friends, family, love and a part of me,
The best life I could have so far lived, for a future me to someday see,
These are real memories embellishing into them my tears of joy,
I wish I can someday revisit these days, the ones I truly still enjoy;

The flights took off, and I realized with every step I took till the boarding lane,
I was removing myself from these memories created, some happily, some with pain,
Just as in those last few moments before you die, your whole life flashes past you,
My entire past, everything I could remember hit me hard, thorough and through;

It was the final boarding call for my flight,
I heaved a huge sigh, living them one last time before days turned into nights.
I was sad for the first time in a long time,
I was ready to feel vulnerable enough to live it again but I’d already let them go in this lifetime;

I stood by the window pane,
watching flights taking off slowly,
I was no longer in that place anymore,
I guess these chapters have ended in my story with fleeting memories…

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