Local Social Drama - One Day - Poetry - Ishan Reddy

One Day

One Day

One day,
I’ll breathe happily dipped in your pain,
I’ll follow my mind before my heartbeats go off in vain,
I’ll have the courage to say no,
I’ll walk away stronger than ever so;

I’ve found the lost pieces of myself but I’ll gladly let them go,
I’m happier knowing I have the heart to let it go, without asking it to stay anymore,
My smile will be different one day,
One where everyone smiles back with only happy thoughts to say;

I’ll man up to have the guts to follow what’s right for me,
Even if everything and everyone is against everything I see,
One day I’ll stop waiting for a change to come in its own time,
I’ll be the change because time is too shortlived in this lifetime;

I’ll hug it out while I lose my power of love,
Maybe that’s how I know we’re growing and not something to just get rid of,
One day, I’ll fight for it saying it’s not too late,
I’ll hold everyone’s love in my arms, opening up my life’s gates;

I’ll let everyone in, to share my stories,
To see a poet’s mind, his wreckage, and insanity of theories,
Someday maybe I will look back at all the wrong I’ve done,
I’ll probably try to guide and not let repeat the same mistakes to my own son;

That day the sky will no longer meet with the sun,
And I’ll be grey and old hoping for a missing bullet in death’s gun.
But that day I will no longer have to try to remember who I am at all,
That day I’ll cry my heart out, full of joy and gladly into the infinity of the world, humbly fall.

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