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Poetry in the Absurd – A letter to the poet in you

Poetry in the Absurd – A letter to the poet in you


“Thou art my life, my love, my heart,

The very eyes of me.

And hast command of every part,

To live and die for thee.”


Her eyes hold rays like the sun and her lips that utter the sound of sweet chirps.

It is a very good morning indeed; the light next to me.


Ah! You fool.

If you think that was poetry, don’t even try writing it.

Remember when we were children and poetry came easy? Just compare the things you like to a bunch of other things you like and voila you have a poem. Oh, and don’t forget to make it all rhyme.

And as we got older, this same poetry became a little more complicated because these things that we like became a little more complicated. Our likes became a little less generic and our love became a little more absurd.


Dear wannabe poet,

Stop looking for beautiful things. Your job is to make the ugliest things seem poetic. Your job is to seek the absurd in the world. How else would you create?

Poetry is not a part of your life. It is a perspective to live it. Stop controlling it. If you write, you see too much and sometimes, you feel too much.

And don’t try to stop that.

Poetry is not even around you it is inside you. You can create because you can see beyond. Once you’re a poet you will always remain one. Parts of you would look at the world around and see what it holds beyond perspectives, people and pretentiousness and realize right there, in that beyond is where poetry lies.

You will find the art of the lonely streets with one flickering lamp post and realize that it was never about seeking something special to write about but it was about seeking the special in you that could look at poetry in the sound of the air conditioner on a hot summer day and still write about it as if writing about a love that was lost. You will see so much! And you will create what is real.

Poetry in itself is absurd. Do you really think when poetry was created people didn’t question it? Do you really think that when somebody went beyond the strict lines of literature and started making words rhyme intentionally people didn’t try to stop this uniqueness?

It’s an element of you. Poetry is allowed to be meaningless and it is allowed to not make sense to anyone but you, because after all, it is the way you see it and moreover, the way you want to show it.

Finding poetry in absurd things is not new. It has been done before. I mean, writing about flowers and the changing weather would have at some point in time been a new thing to do. It would have not been so generic but when I talk about seeking poetry in the absurd, it does not mean that you need to go and look for a new unique muse; a so-called unique selling proposal as we might call it.

What you, my dear amateur have to do, is that you have to stop restricting yourself when it comes to writing. You can write about anything because this empty sheet of paper and the black-white page on word, is your playground. And this playground has space for the absurd and the abstractness that is in your brain.

Poetry will come to you in the weirdest of places. And you can either embrace and create masterpieces or you can preserve yourself from this differential way of living your life.

There have been poets throughout generations who have written on similar topics. For example, let us take love. Some poets write about love in terms of beauty and in terms of this nice feeling while some take nice things and talk about how all this fades way in the heavy feeling of love. And then you have people talking about what love makes them. But there have been poets; great poets who’ve had such an abstract comparison of what love is.

Bukowski for example never wrote about love or even life as a thing of beauty. He compared it to those things of disgust. He compared it to the ugly and the comparison was always a little absurd. But that is precisely what made him great. These poets are creating not to be seen, but just because they can create and make it the way they like it.

How does one move away from these generic comparisons, you might ask? Here are some simple steps to seek poetry.

Actually, there’s just one simple step.

Two words. But they’re really hard to follow.

Are you ready?

There you go.

Stop Seeking!

Poetry will come to you because like said before it has never escaped for you to play looksie with it.

You don’t need a muse. But the poet who procrastinates, what you need is to clear your head and observe. Look around you and listen to everything. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of absurd things worthy enough to be written about.


And I am sure that when you do that; create what you think is absolutely absurd. You will realize that all it took was for you to stop searching for a thing of beauty and make it instead.


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