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Charles Bukowski

Charles Bukowski

‘An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.’ – Charles Bukowski

Have you ever read and bred this straight off the bat poetry that stings you like a bee from reality? Charles Bukowski has given us a whole lot of thoughtful poetry over the harsh topics of the society. Many call the German-born poet a badass, and some ought to diss him for his heavy commentary on everything around sex, alcohol, bushiness, and whatever is your business. Mr. Bukowski has been in the social wave of poets for a while, but he’s specifically picking up recognition among the youth with the recent trend on social media. Would you like to know more about him? What lager did he enjoy and what were his most notable mentions? Let’s do this!

Local Social Drama - Charles Bukowski - Quote - World Poetry Day 2020 - Meetvan Thaker
Charles Bukowski on poetry

For all those that would feel, ‘Charles Bukowski’ is such a wonderful name for a poet, let’s give you guys a fact check if you didn’t know his real name was Heinrich Karl Bukowski. And for all the early ‘90s folks reading this, he was born in August 1920 and you’d be glad if he was around layin’ in his bed drinkin’ just up around 9th March 1994. Now, he won’t mind if we’d say that. His poetry speaks for truthfulness and bags all kinds of lows and highs on life as we see it, or mostly as we don’t really see it.

‘So, You Want To Be A Writer? by Charles Bukowski’


He was known for bringing to life dirty realism and transgressive fiction, and boy wasn’t it a wonder. But not at his time he wasn’t much of a Bukowski like we know him as of today. It is highly debatable that whether it was Charles’ own self speaking about his disgruntled, deteriorated reality or was the society back then, was really crooked to its core.

Nonetheless, he’s written as many as thousands of poems, hundreds of short stories, six novels and has published over 60 books other than the frequent newspaper column he used to write, titled ‘Notes Of A Dirty Old Man’. Now, he was often a tale for the police and even the FBI back in those days due to his wilful, outward, and brash writing most of which was considered as anarchist or just plain blank obscene column that he published in an underground newspaper called ‘Open City’.

Charles Bukowski Quote - Local Social Drama - Personality - Meetvan Thaker
Bukowski’s perspective on art and life.

You can check out some interesting excerpts from ‘Notes Of A Dirty Old Man’ here.

What’s more to his life is that he did, in fact, fall in love, like most other modern poets. He married Barbara Frye in 1955, only to last three years as the couple filed for divorce in 1958. Charles was reportedly cured of a severe bleeding ulcer, the same year he got married, but continued his life of leisurely drinking and writing explicit poetry that usually rocked the corners of a miffed soul. The whole rollercoaster of poetry riding was piling up heaps of papers and piles of beer bottles with a fine round beer-belly that he couldn’t evade. In the midst of all he was gifted with a daughter by his live-in girlfriend Frances Smith in 1964.

‘Bluebird by Charles  Bukowski’


All throughout he stayed in the turmoil of controversy due to his eccentric writing habits, which finally ended with a bout of leukemia which he apparently lost. Charles’ writing has been said to be influenced by the likes of Ernest Hemingway, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, John Fante, and Henry Miller amongst others. A marvelous drunk-journey Charles is much of which has embodied the character of a writer in the modern-day films and notions. Of a disillusioned, jobless yet bold, in your face and honestly derogatory all these traits clamored our very own Bukowski.

If I had to write a personal note on him, I’d say he’s the one who can lead you to reality if you’re wilful to be real enough.

I leave you with this piece of inspiration ‘Go All The Way by Charles Bukowski

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