Local Social Drama - Poetry - Hope - Ishan Reddy

Hope is such a powerful thing,
The infinite possibilities persistence it can solely bring,
In the midst of every loss, every failure, every mistake,
Can you feel hope surging through, exceeding the limit you can take?

Striving forward no matter how many times we may fall,
Or worse, to find ourselves exactly where we started it all,
But, such a sorrowful thing hope can be at times,
Though this pain can’t be endured, I can’t put it in mere lines;

When one can only watch the world slip away into nothingness,
A false sense of maturity in a commonly everlasting mess,
For those who are still willing to fight and keep a death grip on hope,
Are most often the ones who resort to chaos and impatience in order to cope;

Hope is a fatal bond we make, renting our own soul and mind,
Fighting against everything we already know, just because our hearts turn blind,
Sometimes holding on, means letting go,
Maybe holding on to hope becomes stronger when we let it grow;

More often than not we hope for the wrong things, for not being sad,
Escaping our own advice against our loved ones with all that we had,
Sometimes letting go, truly means holding on,
To push our limits till every bit of it is erased until it’s gone;

We might let go of it when we let go of the thing we’ve held on for so long,
Yet if not that, then how will we ever find something better, something that isn’t wrong?

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