Local Social Drama - Poetry - Alcohol - Simran Khurana


Alcohol is a bad therapist,
It reminds you everything,
That you didn’t want to remember,
But makes it easier on the way;

To hell,
That you’ve chosen,
For yourself,
Only for a while,
It’s uneducated;

Failed its degree eons back,
And now, it just pretends;

Alcohol is a bad husband,
It makes you insane,
Summons the monster that lives inside,
A tortured soul,
That tortures others;

Just to feel a little less pity,
On itself,
Just to feel powerful,
By causing pain;

When everything else,
Is getting out of control;

Alcohol is a bad driver,
It doesn’t recognize the accelerator,
As good as you do,
An amateur,
Presses it as brakes,
Driving on the empty road,
Without a license;

Alcohol is a bad friend,
It takes you in its warm embrace,
Let’s you cry out,
Not care about the world;

And then it starts eating you,
Scrounging the flesh from the very core,
Until there is nothing of you,
Left to hold on to,
Until there is just bitterness in your blood,
And death in your eyes…

P.S: I am the one who wrote this but I am still a whiskey person.

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