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On a sunny morning, we go out jogging with our sneakers, running to our racing hearts and moving dreams closer to reality. Let me tell you, ‘I’ve worn a lot of shoes, especially sneakers, and I’d like to share a little memoir with you.’

Every time we go sprinting each one of us feels the surge in energy driving us insane, well, in a good way though. Each morning is new and every breath too, but the sneakers stay the same. If it’s a game of basketball, football or cricket, the footwear never changes. Are you budding a new life out of yourself? Everywhere these little tough ones will be at your disposal taking you to places that always cheer for you, well, not always, but you still stay buddies for long walks and long hauls.

How many compliments or weird looks have you ever received for wearing your favorite pair of shoes? It’s funny how people make an absurd image of you all in all just by the way your shoes look like. Talk about sneakers they feel you’re kinda irresponsible, too playful, just casual or even somethings that you won’t be able to understand at all. But you’d overlook all this and be yourself, after all, you’d go places after places and enjoy each moment spent inside those beauties of yours. Sometimes you’d flaunt them too, like a little extra.

Until one day, if there comes a weary time, the sneakers get worn out, the sole is torn and you’re upset. The local cobbler is to be sought, and you’re bent towards getting the best outcome from him to resurrect your little buddy, the white sneakers covered in mud from every step. Have you wondered how much it would take to part with your favorite old pair of shoes and come to terms with a new one? I know it’s difficult, trust me it is. The cobbler looks at you in disgust owing to the filth accumulated on your little laced-buds. He frowns a bit but eventually looks up and says, ‘It’s gonna take a while, come back in the evening.’ Now, you haven’t brought along a replacement pair, so you walk home barefoot in despair hoping that your sneakies would be alright by evening.

Later in the evening, you reach out to the cobblers den, he’s just smoothening the ends of the last thread that he’d sewn into your new soles for the rugged body. He also made an attempt to revamp the shine on them, all the mud and dirt are gone, no chewing gums at the bottom too, well almost. Now, is the time to wear them, to check how it feels. You put it on with a gleaming smile on your face. In no time you’re done walking around the road and running a few feet too. The cobbler is astounded to see you so happy, funny enough to just look at you blankly. He asks you for the return, and you give him a note that he’s earned. Now, it’s you and your sneakers where they’d always be by your side, or underneath, for any new adventure you’d take up!

I’ve worn a lot of shoes and this is just one of them. Everyone loves their sneakers, there’s no doubt about that. Now, there’s a lot more coming up in this exciting series about life and shoes, let’s explore them together!

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