Local Social Drama - Poetry - Nicotine Smoothies - Priyansh Acharya

Nicotine Smoothies

Everyone who smokes,
Raise your hands!
Now keep them down,
Let’s justify our habits!

My slumber ends 7 in the morning,
So does all of my serotonin,
Have you ever felt like falling off a cliff?
But like inside your own body?

A feeling you’ve never felt,
But known oddly,
Leaving you to abused unexcused catastrophes,
They’ve sadly ensued;

It’s like your whole universe, has daddy issues,
Badly misused, bodies lay,
Underneath a sky,
That probably pays;

A penny or two,
On holidays,
To your unapologetic ass,
In a sorry place;

Label me dumb,
Or, call me cray,
Or, way too extreme,
When I say,
That I am alright,
With the fucking mess, I made;

For this,
I pray,
For like 15 breaks,
To get my dose of nicotine shakes,
With a side of nicotine cakes,
That blaze my nights to normalcy,
And also my days;

Y’all will see me,
Tied down by sensitive knots,
Complimented by negative thoughts,
I get my Monday blues,
When Fridays end;

‘Coz I’m looking for a sip in a city,
With a dry-days-trend,
So let us meet at my place then,
So I can teach you to be a chef;

In the making of a Nicotine Smoothie!
Nothing fancy or boujee,
Just slices of you and me,
And a pack of smokes,
A bit of sob stories;

With a dash of jokes!
All followed by a coughing fit,
Or whatever y’all are calling it!

my smoothies not sweet
But it’s been sour,
And I finally got,
A nicotine patch and a Michelin star!

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