Local Social Drama - Poetry - A Letter To The World - Simran K

Dear World,

I’m scared,
You are my home,
The only place that I can call mine,
And yet you are seared,
Hate has turned you black,
Hate for the people who aren’t like you,
Hate for the people who don’t want to be;

You are pitch black,
And I am lost,
Amidst the rugged hallways,
I’m trying,
To light a little candle,
I’m trying to dust off the old furniture;

But there is a tornado,
In this house,
It’s breaking doors and hearts,
I hear voices,
Screaming for help,
I can’t find a way,
To them,
They keep dying,
As moments pass;

An orchestra,
Of screams and silence,
The only song I know,

I seem to recall,
A melody,
From the times of prosperity,
Like a childhood memory,
And as I light,
The little candle in my hand,
I see a corner,
A corner untouched by the dust and fire,
A corner that still feels,
Like home;

As I sit and hum,
The melodies of my childhood,
I see the birth,
Of another light in my womb,
I call it ‘hope’.

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