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Colors Of Adulthood 3

Mental Safehouses

We’ve all been growing up with someone or the other counseling us, or us seeking advice on what’s good and what’s not. The whole scenario looks distorted sometimes until you don’t find yourself validation. Where did this habit sprout from? In this article of Colors Of Adulthood, we’d explore the realities as we perceive them, from a slightly different view because believe it or not, we’ve all created our own – ‘Mental Safehouses.’

If you’re a teenager or a full-throttle adult, you must remember being told to go to school, to learn and adapt to how things are even though it wasn’t something that you’d like back then. Post-college, you must’ve thought of working, and must’ve asked folks about what should be best for you. Now, this in itself is funny. We’re told to pursue our dreams on the contrary, but look at us, we look for answers and our dreams in others. How could this be possible? How can I dream for you or, could you dream for me?

Every person has their own wants and needs too. How can someone drive you to buy a beer instead of a milkshake or a pair of red shoes, when you’d have loved to go for the pair in sparkling white? It’s us who really define ourselves, at least that’s how it should be. But over the years of growing up and how we are devoured by the media, especially all that goes on via social media handles, we tend to absorb and adapt in ways that you’d never have wanted to go about.

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Take a minute. Look back, 6 months, back to a year, 5 years and now 10.

Striking how different you look, isn’t it? Not just the age, but the vocabulary, the choice of clothing, the daily routines, new tastes too. How far have you been molding yourself and how far has someone else done it for you? But know what? The best thing is that you are still in control, well, you’d always be so,  until your last breath. You can revisit your true self, and be there. Make amends that you feel you’ve been wanting and you’ve been keeping away from them, driven by fear of what others might say.


Do it, paint the walls, color your hair blue, write a song and sing it too, dispose of those jeans you feel are useless junk, rattle a football or two. Go do your thing, because nobody else would do it for you!

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We’re focused on achieving something in our lives. You might remember sometime when you chose to work and to curate money for some vacation you wanted, or for some new course you’d want to take up. The whole thing, whether you’re really at it, defines your happiness somewhere. If you fall prey to regret one day and say, ‘Man! I would’ve done so much more than what I got in the last year, only if…’ This is how regret looks like.


It is completely fine to feel so, at times. But you can always take control, steer back, and trust me it’s pretty easy, compared to going on a road that you never wanted to take and you still kept running like a rooster.


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