Local Social Drama - Poetry - Dear Society - Simran Khurana

Dear Society

I’ve known what you entail,
The nooks and corners,
The small secrets,
I’ve known how you,
Make us social robots,
Running forever,
In a race that has no finish line,
Running for things that don’t matter;

But please leave me,
Allow me to make my own rules,
And not bend yours,
To choose what I want to be,
To choose my sexuality,
Teach me to love,
To fight from the chains that you bind me in;

Tell us that ‘sex’ isn’t an inappropriate word,
And ‘pussy’ isn’t the female genitalia,
But a cat’s baby,
Tell all the men,
That the size of their penis,
Isn’t the size of their masculinity,
Allow women to love women,
And men to love men,
Tell us that ‘bitch’ isn’t a woman who betrays,
But the female counterpart of a dog,
And maybe the only animals we need to be afraid of,
Look just like us;

Let us all forget for once,
Everything else that we are,
And be humans,
Who understand each other,
Let us create ourselves,
Rather than you creating us,
Cause now it’s time to change.

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