Local Social Drama - Poetry - Mustafa B - Shriveling Lives

Shrivelling Li(v)es

Shrivelling Li(v)es

Shrivelling Li(f)e

In this day and age,

You come across many different people,

But whom should you trust?

Whom should you stray far from?

It’s terribly easy to judge,

And yet difficult to just understand from their point of view.

I am walking on the road with a girl,

Ten different faces are on us,

I literally see the lust in those eyes,

Only gaze away when I stare back into them.

I try to understand why do they act this way,

Why would somebody want to rape anyway?

A small girl in the temple, a girl on the bus,

And so many of those unheard of.

But what has been done in light of such events of past,

Rapists and murderers still walk and breathe,

Countless women still get raped,

Where have the real men gone?

Leaving their mothers, sisters, and wives at the mercy of their exploiters.

Why is it that society still condemns those victims?

Shamed and embarrassed as if getting raped was their own choice.

Don’t they know how wonderful it is to be with a woman?

Have they never come across one?

Then why act so inhuman?

Destroying not only their bodies with utter dirt.

But also their dreams, careers, & dignity crushed.

I really worry about women around me,

How do they survive this unfortunate cruelty?

Is it a sin to be a woman in this country?

Being ogled as soon as they step out in the open,

Some followed and stalked,

Some touched inappropriately,

Some harassed by cheap pick-up lines…

Only all of the fucking time.

I wonder what goes on in the heads of such depraved men,

What pleasure do they derive from such events?

Is it their loneliness that pushes them to it?

Or just their mind playing tricks?

Do they consider themselves to be men after such deeds?

Or is it just to pass the time?

Why does it all still continue today?

Each new case being more horrifying.

Yet what is society doing to eradicate these animals?

So easy for them to rape and get away,

So difficult for the girl to survive…

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