Hello Who’s Calling?

It was a lousy afternoon, and the lunch did not seem to elate old Ronny. The stubborn rat in the office seemed to keep squeaking around him and called for some attention all day long. Ronny was a simple boy who always had a knack for mischief. He came around Emma and snapped his fingers at her ear. Emma awoke from her siesta with a sudden jerk and cursed Ronny. Ronny moved around his office in the dead hours of the afternoon and his colleague Sid caught his attention. Sid came up to him juggling a couple of paper cups and sat down right beside Ronny at the cafeteria. He looked straight at Ronny and said, ‘What keeps your low face hanging up?’. Ronny replied, ‘I’m just looking for some interesting stuff. Life seems to be hanging around just like a leaf on the tree. Nowhere to go and nothing to aim higher at.’

The typical post-college work environment seemed to be killing him. Sid looked crazy and he was a bit dislodged too. He exclaimed, ‘Hey! I have a crazy idea! Let’s dial our own cell phone number and let’s see what happens!’ Ronny wasn’t particularly excited about it, but he was so dislodged that he accepted Sid’s suggestion anyway. ‘You go first’, said Ronny. Sid immediately got his cell phone and dialled himself. He waited for a bit and said, ‘It says the number is invalid. Why don’t you give it a go, champ? I’ve heard someone does respond sometimes, and it’s someone who is your other half. Like the other part of you.’ Ronny gave him a confused look. Sid continued, ‘I’ve read this article on it. I’ve seen a YouTube video too, where the person could actually speak to himself, a person who is him, but the other part of him. Do you get it?’

Now, Ronny was definitely in for some fun, but jokes apart, this didn’t seem to him like an idea that could take him to a better place. He still went ahead with it and took grabbed his phone. He dialled his himself, and it started ringing. A distant, almost robotic voice answered, and said, ‘Hello. Who’s calling?’ Ronny was baffled when he heard a voice answer his own phone number. ‘It’s me. Ronny. Who are you?’, said a perplexed Ronny. The voice replied, ‘I am Ronny, Ronald Ruth. Whom are you trying to fool little man?’ Ronny was in a stiff posture by now and didn’t know what to do next. ‘I’m the voice you’re trying to look for. I am you. Get out of there and come to me. Greet me by the side of the curb where you’d meet your reality.’ And with this, the silence took over. Ronny stood up with a hypnotic look on his face and took off. Sid tried to stop him and inquire of whom he’d just spoken to. But Ronny had paced off already.

Ever since, Ronny disappeared from that place, he was never seen by anybody around his place or the office. He just vanished. Sid told his friends that Ronny’s last words were ‘I’ve found him, and he wants to meet me.’ Ronny never returned and no one knows where he is in reality. Maybe with his other half, or maybe he called for the worst. Sid had thought it was just another stupid game and he’d take a jab at messing with old Ronny, little did he know what was to ensue. A play of fun gone wrong.


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