Journey To Splendour

The journey to splendour has ambitious pathways. Ariel sounded dejected and afraid when she had started on the way of her voice. Her schooling was done, and her college seemed never-ending, moreover, the dreams in her head haunted her every night. It began to dawn onto her that if she doesn’t take the call immediately it will just stop ringing. Each day seemed longer and the nights never-ending. Ever so anxious, she put out her thoughts in her journal every time a new one came to her. But she couldn’t face herself in the mirror when the mirror opposed her posing as the society. She continued on her path anyway, she wanted to be a theatre artist.

A 20-year-old, Ariel felt like taking the stage by its throat and spewing out some amazing lines each day. For long did she realize that it wasn’t a one-man show. The life that she lived was as much endearing to her. She was the eldest in two daughters and one son. Her sister was a calm person who loved music. Her brother was a youngster who was yet to figure the word ‘society’. And her parents were those who believed in working as an employee, getting their salaries and munching over the gossip they had garnered during work and travel.

A new day had dawned with her reading aromatic poetry the previous night. She woke up and started jotting down her dreams into her journal. She felt a sudden urge to write and recite her feelings out loud. It was 5 am and her family was fast asleep. Ariel created a sketch in her mind and wrote it down. She was ready with her piece within an hour. She rose from her desk and started for her daily routine. After taking a shower, she settled for breakfast. She told her mother she would be returning late in the evening as she had practised for the annual function. Her mother wasn’t interested in her annual functions or anything that had her daughter go on stage and recite lines that were soon forgotten by the audience. Ariel was firm on her part and she knew what she was doing. She went off with a bang at the door.

At college when a certain teacher wasn’t available for conducting the lecture, she took to the stage as if she owned it. And she began…

Amazed shall you be,

To see the reality,

A reason that none pay heed,

To create amazement and relentless creed.

A fury rises each day,

As the conscious rises in me,

The stage is my calling,

It is what sets me free.

Your worship may be a mystery,

A trial of errors and dishonest decree,

I shall set the fervour,

Of auspicious descents.

But before you realise,

The evening shall set,

Lights going out to their quest,

The rain will settle,

To its everlasting conquest

Thunderous applause rained in on her. The class was full of joy and amazement. Her flamboyant performance had fetched her the reward. She flowed with happiness and content. And she never returned home. She went on towards her dreams, amassing her talents to places she always dreamt of being. The journey to splendour had begun, with an uproar of claps and admiration. Nothing remained the same after that day, the days began to feel shorter compared to the amount of creativity, the nights seemed to guzzle with sounds of their own. She had answered her calling, and it had chosen her.

So, when do you set out on YOUR journey to splendour?


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