‘Nightcrawler’ is Dan Gilroy’s feature directorial debut. It is a gripping watch for folks who enjoy some fast-paced action. The film released in 2014 and comprises of several night sequences as the name aptly suggests. The film depicts the life of Louis Bloom played by Jake Gyllenhaal, an enthusiastic youngster who believes in hustling his way towards success. He is extremely intelligent and the way he uses his skills is very intriguing. Louis looms on the streets during the dark and silent hours of Los Angeles and comes up with a new passion – Crime Journalism. He is a quick learner and pounces at his opportunity to make it big. He teams up with Riz Ahmed, who plays Rick – Bloom’s apprentice. Further on, there is a steep skew of how a person would do almost anything that is at demand in the field of glory, let alone video journalism.

‘If it bleeds, it leads!’

Nightcrawler is a well written and well identified movie. Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance in the movie is commendable.
It is a must watch for those looking for a captivating dark thriller.

What are you waiting for? Watch the trailer and you can watch the film here!

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