We’ve been given lessons in various ways, various people and situations come as teachers.


With all the inner-knowing a time arrives where you are with a clear vision, a calling that is yours to have. This is when you undergo metamorphosis.

Fleeting Memories

In a world full of images and word-dictionaries, my emotions lay between fleeting memories. I wonder and plunder, while I still wander in fleeting memories.

One Day

One Day, even if the world ceases to be, my soul shall yearn for you… A living legend in itself our story shall live though, each day…

Piyush Mishra

Piyush Mishra has been a guiding light and an inspiration to many poets around the world, and especially in India via his stronghold in Bollywood and theatre.

Haiku – A Journey into Nature

Journey into nature with the Japanese form of poetry – Haiku. Here’s a comprehensive starter pack by Ishan Reddy | Local Social Drama

9:4 (Nine Four)

It’s you, deep inside, what’s your score? I hope it isn’t 9:4. Take control of yourself before it’s too late, coz when it’s 9:4, there won’t be more.

Charles Bukowski

The writing and poetry of Charles Bukowski have made a mark on our lives. In honor of our favorite writers and poets here’s the first on Bukowski.

It’s A Mess

Whether you believe it or not, we’re all a mess. Some cute, some lewd, moreover a dirty mess inside that ever brewed, aren’t we all cramped up inside?


Alcohol may not be the best that your body gets, but maybe its the best it can enjoy with… Relish the bitterness of alcohol with the sweet joy of it.


It’s a funny situation with hope. We hold on to it until the very end, and even in the end, we don’t leave hope. Funny, yet true.


Ever wondered how we treat our shoes, and how they are attached to us in a beautiful way? Here, we speak about sneakers and how one might treat them.


Every time you remind me, I realize that I’m no zany substitute to you. If I kill myself betime, I’ll make sure I’m no substitute.

Nicotine Smoothies

In the making of a Nicotine Smoothie! Nothing fancy or boogie… Just slices of you and me, and a pack of smokes. We’ve all got our vices, don’t we?


We’ve all been in love with some person that made us wait and we made them wait for more… Here’s a poetic confession of waiting…

A letter to the World

The world is being tarnished by us humans, and we humans try to better it at the same time. Let’s create a loving community around us. Dear World, are you listening?


Being loved is a gift we receive from the universe. Many times we look to be loved but feel unloved. Feel moved and move others too, blessed from within.

Colors Of Adulthood 3

We’ve been told to build mental safehouses, or is it just us, who keep looking for our primal instincts – Safety? Sift through your Colors Of Adulthood.

My lighthouse

It’s been a while now, you’ve been my lighthouse… The light that sees through, reality, divinity and all that’s true and untrue. Live on my lighthouse.

Dear Society

What more would one ask for, but be self-reliant? To create for self and everything else would follow… Dear Society, we seek your answers, Dear Society?

Paradoxical Sin

The life that describes itself blissful has seen death and worse, and troubles that seem tough, have to be equated with the easy, such is paradoxical sin.


Ever been up somewhere in the middle, wondering, pondering and bleeding some poetry? Waiting for it to go out of your soul through the ink out to the world?

A Word Of Advice

Wonders of love don’t come in easy. Yes, love is blind, and it will remain so, but judgments from the society will kill it… A Word Of Advice for you…

Shrivelling Li(v)es

Shrivelling Li(v)es is what we live every day with humans turning into monsters and still walking togehter. Think though, do you want Shrivelling Li(v)es?

Colors of Adulthood – 2

There are many questions and plenty of answers to each one. Colors Of Adulthood show you different aspects of life. Ever tried looking into yourself or around?

Covered In Foil

Every step that you take, has something at stake, remind yourself of yourself, and you will be at your best. Don’t be covered in foil, we all return to the soil.

True Heart

Every time we walk through this earth, we look for something… But we forget that what we are looking for is already with us, within, true heart. Namaste.


By your true warmth, I survive, searching my own I cry… Trying to suppress the inner feelings, looking for warmth in you.


Seasons are few, but they come and go,

Friends are many, but they come and they go…

The Silent Summon

The calling is yours to feel, the masses are awakening….
The light is yours, believe it.

Long-Forgotten Alley

I remind myself of the memories…
The long forgotten alley skipped a beat…


When life puts forth a colourful symphony of troubles and solutions… The VIBGYOR rainbow shall guide you… Find your true colors and life’s VIBGYOR!

Colors Of Adulthood

Find your inner child, be as expressive as you were back then. Set a youthful example for the youth.


Does your part narrate the same ‘Dream’? The same story? Does it call your soul to be the one? Or are you just into the ‘Dormancy’ of things?

In The Wake Of The Lake

The summer morning crept in slowly. Martin didn’t feel any different though, but he felt a strange sense of calamity. He warded off this feeling and said to himself, ‘I will be conquering the lake in the woods today!’

Hey Radio

The future awaits us, and we sit here, awaiting a signal…


‘A man with a bag of wet clothes will drag more weight and pick up more odor.’ Why do you wish to carry more baggage, when you could live freely without being weighed down?

Purple Fumes.

What did she do? The Purple Fumes rose and took away a lot of dreams and possibilities… Or maybe Purple Fumes give rise to the Pheonix?