Colors Of Adulthood 3

We’ve been told to build mental safehouses, or is it just us, who keep looking for our primal instincts – Safety? Sift through your Colors Of Adulthood.

Paradoxical Sin

The life that describes itself blissful has seen death and worse, and troubles that seem tough, have to be equated with the easy, such is paradoxical sin.

The Silent Summon

The calling is yours to feel, the masses are awakening….
The light is yours, believe it.


Does your part narrate the same ‘Dream’? The same story? Does it call your soul to be the one? Or are you just into the ‘Dormancy’ of things?


‘A man with a bag of wet clothes will drag more weight and pick up more odor.’ Why do you wish to carry more baggage, when you could live freely without being weighed down?

Purple Fumes.

What did she do? The Purple Fumes rose and took away a lot of dreams and possibilities… Or maybe Purple Fumes give rise to the Pheonix?

Lover’s Lust

When a lover awaits lost love, he wishes daily to make it happen. But the past has seen lover’s lust, and it would separate them forever.