We’ve all been in love with some person that made us wait and we made them wait for more… Here’s a poetic confession of waiting…


Being loved is a gift we receive from the universe. Many times we look to be loved but feel unloved. Feel moved and move others too, blessed from within.

My lighthouse

It’s been a while now, you’ve been my lighthouse… The light that sees through, reality, divinity and all that’s true and untrue. Live on my lighthouse.

A Word Of Advice

Wonders of love don’t come in easy. Yes, love is blind, and it will remain so, but judgments from the society will kill it… A Word Of Advice for you…

Lover’s Lust

When a lover awaits lost love, he wishes daily to make it happen. But the past has seen lover’s lust, and it would separate them forever.

Shower in the Ice…

However cold you may feel, a shower will take away the pain, not just any shower, but a cold one in the ice… Will you still hold on?