My lighthouse

It’s been a while now, you’ve been my lighthouse… The light that sees through, reality, divinity and all that’s true and untrue. Live on my lighthouse.

Shrivelling Li(v)es

Shrivelling Li(v)es is what we live every day with humans turning into monsters and still walking togehter. Think though, do you want Shrivelling Li(v)es?

Covered In Foil

Every step that you take, has something at stake, remind yourself of yourself, and you will be at your best. Don’t be covered in foil, we all return to the soil.

True Heart

Every time we walk through this earth, we look for something… But we forget that what we are looking for is already with us, within, true heart. Namaste.


Seasons are few, but they come and go,

Friends are many, but they come and they go…

Truce With Caprice

When you calm your inner-self in times of trouble, and keep a steady life…

Hey, Radio…

The future awaits us, and we sit here, awaiting a signal…