Acknowledging thyself – A Note To Self

Acknowledging thyself – A Note To Self

On an outnumbered day of my life, I sit here, breathing and feeling life with all five senses. Blessed be I for feeling comfort beneath me and a thrill to pursue a passion. Still breathing each one with a purpose. A pathway to my dreams being chased. Blurred and winding roads do not deviate me, I just travel. There’s no measuring my journey, for you have traveled farther maybe the roads were scenic that’s all. As a son shifts in his seat, the driver of their thoughts steers clear. Funny how it is hypo-excitement now. Like you need to be somewhere else, but here you are standing at the crossroads, a juncture of choices, filled to the brim of your brittle glass of wine, half-empty half full, they know maybe.

Shifts of focus blur the image, merely to divert your attention to something that needs establishment. Justification for your reality. How you see your own movie, wondering who’d the director be, who cast all such idiots alongside you. A fade-out took voices back and forth, you still try focusing, on something important. Maybe you were just following the instructions, of how the writer wrote it. And how well did the director do the scene? As you settle for lunch, you know the sun shall sink only to rise again. Dusk to some will be the dawn for some. Mind you this is not a maybe. It is damn true. Freedom seems to be your only aim. But you need an ID to be the pilot of your flight it seems. Soon shall you gain control of galaxies of your interest. Filled with interesting creations. Well, you are not the only one writing or reading.

So be thankful, that you read well, hear the birds chirp before dawn. Walk on them feet and feed through a mouth, for the energy you possess, some call it soul. Maybe last time you wrote, you realized it later. What you write now, you shall realize later. Careful with the memory log I’d reckon. It’s one boundless book. The book called life. Which goes on, no matter how, when what, where and why change takes place. Situations, people, and nature change over time. Why we get old?
They are nothing but your creations, a depiction of crossfade reality, the aura you create in a parallel universe. Whatever the size of the mirror is, it would never suffice for reflecting all that there is. To mirror reality, the dimensions change, being a more holistic one than static.

So what are you waiting for? Mind, body, soul. I hope that’s the order.
Mind, you possess infinity within. You gave to just start measuring it. That’d be enough to keep you from boredom. Body, well it functions, I hope. So much so that you sometimes take the proud liberty of violating it to an extent of satisfaction. Don’t just override it, yes, what you feel is empowering for feel good, wonder if it really soothes you, I mean in the long term. Don’t you think it’s temporary? Just saying…

Soul, now that’s the tricky one. Take wild guesses all your life, defining it, but make sure you be original, and if that’s not possible try being honest, guess that should help. Not for the audience, but for the person playing the part, you, yes, you. Souls search maybe endless because you don’t go looking for water in the midst of the ocean, do you? You got it all, wake up, start, and discover the never-ending energy.

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