Yours Truly

Yours Truly – A letter to realizing life within life

Beauty, color, taste, and tone,
An outlook that I’d ever borne,
Each and every second, it changes or rather, returns,
To the honesty within…

The tunes you hum now show the underlying meaning,
When you realize the message that had to be known,
Words, they flow to you,
without further questioning through the eye…

Yours Truly, I am,
Blown, outward, and humane,
Some call it profane,
I am yours…

Stones, shells, and sand…
We’d fare the beaches hand in hand,
Befitting or not, being stern with each knot,
For the turns are long and winding, comment on the path, I’d rather not…

A mockup reality I shed,
To return from being a fake,
Real smiles, sunrises await,
And without debate, I know…

I am,
Grown towards my own sanity,
Caring not of the other anymore,
Yours Truly, I am… I’m you…

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