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Who decides - Local Social Drama - Mustafa Bohari

Who Decides?

Who Decides? Do You?

By some miracle, your parents copulated at the right time,
The product being you,
They decide how to dress you, feed you, even educate you,
They decide which language to teach you, and which religion to preach to you…

They decide which school to send you in,
The board decides which syllabus to teach you,
The teacher decides where to seat you,
The bully decides where to humiliate you…

Your peers decide whether you are cool or a fool,
Whether to tease you or loot you,
Your friends decide which college you should go to,
Which places to hang out…

Your girlfriend decides which food joint to go to,
Whether you should kiss or fuck,
Or just lie naked on the couch,
Or she suddenly decides to change your entire wardrobe…

Then your parents decide your careers for you,
Which job would be appropriate for you,
Which flat would actually suit you,
Which girl you should marry…

All in all, you are never in control of your own life,
Even the fucking priest tells you what to do,
One fine day you wake up and then,
They expect you to take the right decision…

Now what the fuck should they expect from you?

Local Social Drama - Poetry - Warmth - Mustafa B
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