True Heart


How are you today?

Few would ask you this,

Just like few would successfully be themselves,

Like every mortal knows, life is but a breathe,

A heartbeat in and a heartbeat out,

Without which nothing is responsive,

You may steer clear with a dead brain, but not without a heart,

Maybe, it is difficult, to find true heart,

Whether it is deep within, or just at the surface,

Whether buried under the burden of past lives, or current experiences,

Whether hurt or broken, sad or destroyed,

It will still beat, beat to your rhythm of life to give you a new day,

The breath is the string to your beats, keep clicking well,

It is tricky though, how one gets back to true heart,

Just like a new-born has, it is weird, direct, and fearless,

Remember you were taught to think and do it logically,

No one taught your heart to beat, it knows what it’s doing,

The brain is modified and altered post-birth,

It’s your luck maybe, of your surroundings to be pleasant or not,

But here’s the glorious part,

If you take effort and time, to speak from your heart,

Pure, distilled heart,

You stand a chance to uplift others and yourself too,

To a level where true bliss exists,

Help, them as well as yourself,

Find your true heart, it’s with you,

Always there,

Go on a blissful adventure,

Riding with your true heart…

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