Your spirit revolves around us all,

Time and again saves us before we fall,

In baby steps, we may crawl,

Make a blunder and start a brawl!

Black and white in all the strides,

Seeing no difference amongst all ways,

Crying and trying not to realize,

The way we should be alive…

Too true it is that rings of smoke fly,

Burning desires into a wry spot,

Make a blank dot,

Take away all my chances to fail,

Something’s left behind to trail…

Left or right see we might,

After all, it’s you whom we search,

Knowing not you are present always,

For flowers we keep, and always yearn…

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  1. Long Mila says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything

  2. Kattenavne says:

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  3. Kattehule says:

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  6. Tabinda says:

    “After all its you whom we search….. for flowers we keep,and always yearn…” these lines❤️

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