Smaller Than A Honey Bee

Smaller Than A Honey Bee

Make a face and they will frown,
But don’t let anything take you down,
Look beyond and you will see,
You are smaller than a honey bee;

The world is large if you try to barge in.
You will only land up circling out,
And amplify self-doubt.
Just smile and better stay out;

Just one sun in the morning sky,
But countless stars around the moon,
Shine brighter when you see it,
Leave a mark and live it…

When you are going hunting into the wild,
Looking for windows sublime,
Stop for a while,
Look inside;

You will discover passions all your life,
Sacred fashions and sometimes,
You will see a future,
Along the beautiful aisle;

Don’t stress at all,
Just stand tall,
All the mess will be burnt alive,
Take your inner fuel to dry it out;

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