Lover’s Lust

Lover’s Lust

Obscure thoughts harassed him,
As he tried to fix them with the emotions he had,
He crumbled, to be foiled by the truth,
Surprisingly he remembers her faintly,

The struggle to set himself free was futile,
Acceptance was the only option he had,
She came and went, her scent forged onto him,
The intense aroma which kept him calm,

A mocked soul,
Treaded deep into danger, chasing her,
And that’s when she appeared…

Lovers lust
Lover’s Lust

A melodious melancholy had begun,
They are strangers again,
With a strong belief, but no memory,
He wondered if she’d be alright,
Wounded and washed by time,

Love is you, he said,
Love and lust led them to their fate,
As he woke up each morning,
Whispering to his soul hoping it’d reach her someday

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  1. Pranav Pawaskar says:

    Nailed it boy simply superb

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