A bundle of joy comes alive,
Cradled to creativity it begins a cycle,
Life has a great way to lead him there,
Spotted connections are what one has…

Dwindling with hypocrisy, a mind-boggling thief is unleashed
Society as it is called, the fame gets to him.
Friends come and go; they bask in his façade,
Not letting the memories last…

The reactions to one’s own actions; a price has to be paid,
A price so hefty that it leaves the twinkling stars numb and speechless,
The luminous glow is tough for him to handle,
Falls prey to love and deceit…

Aggression creates ravaging depths in his soul,
Anger to create the filth within,
A color; purple, teaches him meaning,
With a flicker, it goes off…

Regrets take over the blinding lights,
Oh what an unnecessary, hopeless blunder,
An aura she had was captivating,
Taken aback; a runaway.

Spark the coincidence and you will notice a shocker,
Eyes rapidly plummeting, a convulsion to re-birth,
Bright and dim are the lights guiding his soul,
A lost identity will reflect the tale…

True light lies in them, guardians,
A strong support,
They caress his scars,
Strong with happiness, life has chosen to betray reality…

A wondrous periphery is how humble it gets,
Dividing karma and smothering memories…
All that is left is a Blank Verse,
Freedom to explore those fairy lights…

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