Haiku – A Journey into Nature

Journey into nature with the Japanese form of poetry – Haiku. Here’s a comprehensive starter pack by Ishan Reddy | Local Social Drama

Long-Forgotten Alley

I remind myself of the memories…
The long forgotten alley skipped a beat…


When life puts forth a colourful symphony of troubles and solutions… The VIBGYOR rainbow shall guide you… Find your true colors and life’s VIBGYOR!

Raise A Rain

The rain comes with the clouds that hover around… Your tunes shall be loud, maybe misconstrued… Raise A Raise…

The Tree That Rose

Would you change and take a stand?
Or just stand there and watch it brood?

Smaller Than A Honey Bee

It is a vast world… Explore you must, ‘coz all that’s seen is smaller than a honey bee… Whether you’ve seen it all is a mystery, and shall remain so…