Charles Bukowski

The writing and poetry of Charles Bukowski have made a mark on our lives. In honor of our favorite writers and poets here’s the first on Bukowski.

It’s A Mess

Whether you believe it or not, we’re all a mess. Some cute, some lewd, moreover a dirty mess inside that ever brewed, aren’t we all cramped up inside?


Alcohol may not be the best that your body gets, but maybe its the best it can enjoy with… Relish the bitterness of alcohol with the sweet joy of it.


It’s a funny situation with hope. We hold on to it until the very end, and even in the end, we don’t leave hope. Funny, yet true.


Every time you remind me, I realize that I’m no zany substitute to you. If I kill myself betime, I’ll make sure I’m no substitute.

Nicotine Smoothies

In the making of a Nicotine Smoothie! Nothing fancy or boogie… Just slices of you and me, and a pack of smokes. We’ve all got our vices, don’t we?


We’ve all been in love with some person that made us wait and we made them wait for more… Here’s a poetic confession of waiting…