Who Decides?

In this high turnout society, we are sure to be ridden with a lot of things… But who really makes the decisions? Is it you, or is it them? Choose wisely.

The Silent Summon

The calling is yours to feel, the masses are awakening….
The light is yours, believe it.

Truce With Caprice

When you calm your inner-self in times of trouble, and keep a steady life…


Does your part narrate the same ‘Dream’? The same story? Does it call your soul to be the one? Or are you just into the ‘Dormancy’ of things?

Take Me Home

Take me home O mighty Lord,
Take me home to my reward,
Take me home to the winds,
Take me home to harmony and no discord.

Hey, Radio…

The future awaits us, and we sit here, awaiting a signal…